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We are in the middle of an exciting £1.7 million museum redevelopment project: Room to Grow, set to bring expansion, employment and tourism to Skinningrove’s Iron Valley.

Your donations can help support our redevelopment, our future and our local community.

Room to Grow

Target Met: £1,600,000

CIMM Room to Grow Project

Stage 1 – Completed

With the help of experts whose background experience includes Scarborough Museum’s Trust, the British Museum and Imperial War Museum, we will review the museum’s operations from the ground up and implement strategies to ensure its success.

The HLF are funding us to review the organisational structure, policies and procedures, financial strategies, marketing strategies and trusteeship of the museum. This is being implemented with the assistance of an internal Project Manager and the external experts.

Stage 2 – In Progress

Construction will begin on a large extension to the existing museum.

The new building will include:

  • An extended museum and exhibition space for visitors to explore and learn at their own pace.
  • A flexible museum space convertable to accommodate temporary exhibitions, arts displays and live performances.
  • Offices and a Volunteer Room to provide a larger workforce with a warm and comfortable environment.
  • Environmentally-controlled archive housing and viewing rooms for public access to our collections.
  • An expanded Education space allowing us to better support large school groups.
  • An extensive model of the Zig-Zag Railway which once climbled the valley side, transporting goods to and from Skinningrove

Stage 3

12 months of Events and exhibitions

In the first year of opening, our new museum space will host:

  • 3 Major Exhibitions
  • 3 Live Performances
  • 20 Family Activity Events
  • 9 Adult Talks
  • 12 Adult Walks