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Name Age Occupation Relation to Head Where Born

  • Skinningrove Hall Anthony Lax Maynard 46 Gentleman Head Harlsay, Yorkshire Elizabeth Maynard 41 Wife Harpley, Durham A Charles Hutton Maynard 10 months Son Brotton Hannah Sanderson 27 Nurse Servant Borrowby Jane Collingson 21 Cook Servant Stanhope, Durham Martha Snowdon 25 Housemaid Servant George Raw 24 Groom Servant Staindrop,Durham John Wake 16 Helping Boy Servant Lofthouse
  • Roger Stonehouse 94 Retired Farmer Head Hinderwell Roger Stonehouse 62 Lime & Coal merchant Son Skelton Elizabeth Stonehouse 53 Farmers Daughter Daughter Skelton Mary Richerdson 25 Servant House Servant Skelton
  • George Brittain 48 Alum Labourer Head Easington Ann Brittain 47 Wife Northalerton Henry Brittain 16 Iron miner Son Brotton Harriett Brittain 13 Daughter Brotton George Brittain 9 Scholar Son Brotton Ann E Brittain 6 Scholar Daughter Brotton Margaret A Brittain 3 Daughter Brotton
  • Joseph Thompson 48 Alum Labourer Head Westerdale Anne Thompson 48 Wife Moorsholm Mary Parish 21 Lodger Daughter Easington Esther Thompson 12 Scholar Daughter Brotton Elizabeth Thompson 9 Scholar Daughter Brotton Joseph Thompson 5 Scholar Son Brotton
  • Francis Atkinson 67 Alum Labourer Head Goathland
  • Hannah Harrison 75 Seamstress Head Easington
  • John Harrison 42 Alum Labourer Head Lofthouse Mary Harrison 42 Wife Skelton Martin Harrison 12 Shoe Makers Apprentice Son Lofthouse Mary J Harrison 10 Scholar Daughter Lofthouse Hannah E Harrison 9 Scholar Daughter Lofthouse Lavinia Harrison 8 Scholar Daughter Lofthouse Richard Harrison 6 Scholar Son Lofthouse Henrietta Harrison 4 Scholar Daughter Brotton Louisa Harrison 2 Daughter Brotton
  • William Stebbings 52 Corn Boatman,Coast Guard Head Greenwich Kent Jane Stebbings 45 Wife Lowestoft Suffolk George Stebbings 19 Groom Son Kessingland Suffolk Mary E Stebbings 17 Dressmaker Daughter Easington William Stebbings 12 Scholar Son Brotton Alfred Stebbings 9 Scholar Son Brotton Edward Stebbings 4 Scholar Son Brotton Sarah J Stebbings 1 Daughter Brotton
  • William Swales 35 Alum Labourer Head Stanghow Elizabeth Swales 29 Wife Burton Agnes William Swales 6 Scholar Son Bridlington Ann E Swales 5 Scholar Daughter Bridlington Cristopher Swales 11months Son Brotton
  • James Richardson 61 Alum Labourer Head Liverton Margaret Richardson 47 Wife Loftus Andrew Richardson 19 Ag Labourer Son Skinningrove Ann Richardson 13 Scholar Daughter Skinningrove James Richardson 11 Scholar Son Skinningrove Margaret Ord 8 Scholar Granddaughter Brotton
  • Robert Taylor 67 Farm Labourer Head Marton Alice Taylor 77 Housekeeper Sister Loftus Mary Taylor 16 Servant Niece Skinningrove Robert Taylor 9 Scholar Nephew Guisborough
  • George Metcalf 40 Alum Labourer Head Loftus Mary Metcalf 37 Wife North Yorks Thomas Metcalf 9 Scholar Son Brotton William Metcalf 4 Scholar Son Brotton Mary Ann Metcalf 1 Daughter Brotton William S Pearson 50 Ship Owner Lodger Lofthouse
  • John Newton 56 Ironstone Labourer Head Fasington Elizabeth Newton 22 Dressmaker Daughter Easington
  • William Ovington 25 Ironstone miner Head Lofthouse Sarah Ovington 23 Wife Easington George Ovington 3 Son Brotton John Ovington 10 months Son Brotton
  • John Brown 59 Ag Labourer Head Kipling, Yorks Jane Brown 59 Wife Durham Mary Brown 16 Dressmaker Daughter Durham Thomas Roberts 9 Scholar Grandson Brotton
  • Thomas Wake 34 Ag Lab Head Lofthouse Mary Wake 24 Wife Lofthouse
  • Timms Coffee House George Allinson 37 Inn Keeper Head Grafton, Yorks Martha Allinson 34 Wife Lofthouse Mary Allinson 13 Scholar Daughter Eston John Allinson 11 Scholar Son Skinningrove Ann Allinson 9 Scholar Daughter Skinningrove Margaret Allinson 7 Scholar Daughter Skinningrove George Allinson 5 Scholar Son Skinningrove Joseph Allinson 3 Son Skinningrove Bessy Allinson 10 months Daughter Skinningrove
  • Kilton Mill John Child 33 Miller, Farmer 40 Acres Head Brotton Elizabeth Child 28 Wife Castleton George Farndale 18 Miller Servant Brotton Thomas Winn 22 Carter Servant Lofthouse Harriet Winn 20 House Servant Servant Lofthouse

This census was researched and produced for our collection blog by our family history volunteer Colin Hart